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We connect our people to your people...


For the C level executives, we provide strategic guidance, cost reductions, down time reductions, personnel guidance, information security, regulatory compliance, and overall technological peace of mind.

IT Team

For the IT staff, we provide network monitoring, additional help during peak times, emergency support, first call help desk, project support, decision support for management, and a broad range of managed services.


Human Resources

For the human resources function, we provide user administration, employee board and exit, Internet monitoring, help desk, password management, remote access management, security policies, and computer use enforcement.

Small Business

For small businesses, we provide a complete outsourced IT department with low fixed monthly fees. Step up from the geeks to a fully managed professional support package.
We master your machines

Once we connect our tools into your network, we instantly know every software and hardware product you use down to the last stick of RAM. We can gain complete control of your technology infrastructure in less time than it takes to trade business cards. Just like your visit to the auto dealer, we plug in and tell you more about your machines than need to know. Once under our management, your machines will be transformed from problems into the tools of your business success.

We understand routers, firewalls, switches, VLANs. PCs, laptops, handhelds, servers, load balancers, long distance wireless, local wireless hotspots, VoIP phone systems, Windows, Unix, Linux, web sites, vertical market applications, Internet connections, SIP trunks, databases, data recovery, data centers, and just plain data.


We agree to agree

Because we have many clients over many different industries and business models, we are flexible with our contract terms. This enables us to design support packages that bend to your success without hostage clauses, long term commitments, and inflexible rates.  You bring your values, culture, and mission and we will deliver a program to make technology the driver of your business success.

Let's Get Started

We look forward to the opportunity to work with your company.  For a detailed plan of our client enrollment process, please click here.